Weekly Update #10

Hi loves! This should have been last Monday’s weekly update, but life. Lately, I can’t plan anything. From the most minor task to the most important life plan. Everything changes by itself no matter how meticulously I plan my time and schedule. I can’t even explain it. However it’s always for the best and I can’t be more grateful about it. I am quite amused to be honest! Sometimes it’s not obvious at the very moment, but even after a long time we realise why something didn’t work or worked a different way.

Stella Asteria weekly update 10

Anyway! Couture Week was intense but really great. I saw many beautiful shows and really enjoyed it (minus the heat wave) as it was my first Couture Week in Paris. If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen the shows of Georges Hobeika, Antonio Grimaldi, Yumi Katsura, Celia Kritharioti, Galia Lahav, Guo Pei and many more, on my Insta stories. Was any of you around there?

On another note, I am so glad to announce you that I am officially one of the 50 nominees for the Influencer Awards Monaco 2018, among thousands of applicants. As much as I am optimist, I didn’t see that coming and I look forward to be there on October 7th. There will be a voting procedure on their website around the 25th of July, so I will let you know immediately in order to vote for me! 🙂


The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson. It’s a great skill I yet have to acquire! Asap!


When the baby sleeps, I sleep watch Netflix. I have been obsessing with health documentaries like “What The Health”, “Food Choices”, “Forks Over Knives”, etc. It’s almost time to introduce my little Maxime to solid foods and since every doctor and health provider has a different opinion on how, when and with which foods to start, I decided to do some research and trust my own instinct (and the doctors’ advice that my instinct says that are the right ones for my baby). I also feel a strong need for changing my diet, and I am really shocked by the lies that the food industry is feeding us all these years. I thought I was eating healthy, but turns out that I don’t. If you are interested in this topic, you should really watch these documentaries too!

New In

Back to fashion, I totally succumbed to the ugly sneakers trend and bought a pair (for starters). I can’t wait to wear it and show you how I styled it. How do you feel about this trend? Do you already own a pair?

I also got a few nice pieces from & Other Stories that I look forward to style (some of them linked below). At last but not least, I finally found a swimsuit & lingerie store for every taste, shape & budget. Figleaves! Did you know about it? I can’t believe I only found out about it now! I got this black one-piece, a striped one, and this amazing printed one that I can’t wait to wear soon at the beach!


I am becoming more and more obsessed with skincare. Before I gave birth to my son, I swore I will never miss a day or night beauty routine, and I never did actually. As a result, I swear I have never seen my skin more healthy and glowing despite the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing as a new mom. These are some of the products I have been using lately, that I absolutely love and recommend. Would you like to see some beauty posts here on the blog?


Another day and we’re packing up again. Can you guess for where? With packing and all, lots of things had to be put on hold lately, which is why I have to work on my to-do list on the upcoming days.

Things I’m Grateful For

I am grateful for being back to Paris with my family. I have been waiting for so long to come back and take my son to my favourite places. Strolling around the city with Anestis and Maxime makes me happy more than anything else in this world. And now it’s time for another exciting place!

I also feel very thankful for being nominated for Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 in Fashion category. Working hard towards your dream pays off! and A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success!

What about you? What are you up to?

Weekly Favorites

Your Top 3 On Instagram

Top 3

Stella Asteria in Paris - Total black look with Chanel slingbacks and Louvres bag


Top 2

Stella Asteria pink Chanel bag and pink dress street style


Top 1

Stella Asteria all white look


  1. Jo
    17/07/2018 / 17:30

    A wonderful post my dear. I will have to read it again when I get home. I’m with you on the lies we have been told about food. Will expand on this in my next email, along with some good news at last.
    I love that adorable little pink dress you are wearing. Who is it by? Also the little white dresses. Soo cute.
    Jojo xoxo

  2. 17/07/2018 / 19:51

    I love your outfits! They are awesome :-*

  3. 18/07/2018 / 08:17

    You look stunning with all the different looks😍 I really enjoyed your instatories and my favorite was George Shobeika’s show, his dresses were beautiful❤
    The chanel Slingbacks are such classic pieces that added more to each outfit you wore❤
    It has been always on my list to get one 😍

    Have a great day sweetheart!

  4. 19/07/2018 / 12:16

    My dear Stella! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations again for the nomination. I have really good feelings about this.
    And thanks for the book recommendations.
    By the way where did you guys go? Vacation in Greece or south of France?

    xxx bisous Veronika

  5. 21/07/2018 / 14:20

    These are gorgeous picks indeed dear. Love your picks on dresses. Also, I say yes to sneakers! So comfy. Yes they can be bulky (sometimes ugly), but you just have to find something that works for them.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Stella Asteria
      08/10/2020 / 11:15

      Thank you

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