Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe With Only 20 Pieces

I have written posts for capsule wardrobes before (here and here). A capsule wardrobe full of timeless pieces worth investing in, accompanied by a few, carefully vetted trendier items, it’s something I firmly believe in. But before presenting you my picks for your summer 2020 capsule wardrobe, let’s see the benefits of it first.

The benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

#1 It’s cost effective as you don’t splurge randomly on clothes you are impressed of. Think about all the clothes you already have. How many of them you really wear and how many of these buys were driven by emotion, marketing, boredom? With a capsule wardrobe in mind, you only buy the ones you really need and save a serious amount of money.

#2 You’ll stop feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear. How many times have you said that to yourself amidst shelves and hangers of a huge closet full of clothes? Many I guess. This is because most of us have so many clothes that were compulsively bought and do not match to each other. A thoroughly thought capsule wardrobe will solve this problem for good.

#3 It will save you time as you’ll stop spending so much time thinking what to wear and trying things in the morning desperate to come up with a decent outfit.

#4 Less decision fatigue. We have to make so many decisions during the day. Having solved the daily problem of what to wear, gives mental bandwidth for more important choices that we have to face during the day. 

Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe Items

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Outerwear

Trench coat

I can’t say more than I already have done about how necessary is to have a nice trench coat in your wardrobe, especially during spring. Its versatility makes it one of the most practical coats ever invented. For cold summer days I prefer a trench coat or a denim jacket, but I think a trench coat elevates an outfit much more than the latter.

Light-colored suit

A light-colored suit can be worn from day to night with the right styling. You can separate the pieces and wear your suit casually with sandals or sneakers, or wear it more formally during office hours.

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Tops

Racer top

A racer top should be placed first at the tops shelf of your wardrobe. I can’t imagine something that it can’t be worn with. I wear mine with jeans, suits, and skirts and shorts.

Bra top

From lovely feminine lace designs to chic and minimal styles, a bra top can be the perfect addition to your outfit. You can wear it over shirts, under blazers, with a high-waisted skirt, shorts and pants, and voila you have an utterly stylish outfit.

White statement shirt

A loose fit shirt can be as chic as a tight-fitting one, as long as you style it the right way. It can be worn alone or with jeans, with sneakers, high heels, boots and a few nice accessories like a nice belt.

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Dresses

White dress

I don’t think I need to elaborate on why we all need at least one white dress for spring and summer. It’s very versatile and can go with almost everything, thus you can be dressesd and ready in less than five minutes.

Black dress

A black dress is another favorite wardrobe staple of mine. Instead of a more common little black dress, opt for a long or oversized one with an open back or cut off shoulders. It can be worn all day with the appropriate styling. 

Jumpsuit / Dungarees

The safari chic vibes were one of my favorite at spring/summer 2020 runways. Utilitarian inspired jumpsuits and rompers are not only in style, but also a very versatile piece you can wear in many ways. My favorite piece is a white pair of denim dungarees that I got last year and I can’t stop wearing.

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Bottoms

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are back in fashion and if you think this piece is difficult to style, I am here to tell you that anything can be worn chic and voguish. You can pair them with a neutral color top and sandals for a casual day look, or with heels and shirt for the office.

Light colored slouchy jeans

Who doesn’t love a pair of jeans with relaxed fit? Loose lines and light colors are perfect for spring/summer denim. Add a biker top, blazer, mules and a few accessories and you are ready for anywhere. 

Knit joggers

Knit joggers are redefining the womens jogger pants trend and can be worn in a more formal setting too. Exibit A, my friend Ellie rocking her Gucci knit joggers at the streets of Paris.  

Satin skirts

These are my absolutely favourite skirts. They are perfect for summer and can be worn all-year round in many many ways.

White/beige wide leg pants

Another must-have piece I have added on my summer 2020 capsule wardrobe is a pair of white, wide-leg pants. 

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Shoes

Heeled mules

If I had to choose only one pair of shoes for my spring/summer 2020 capsule wardrobe, this would be it.

Thong sandals

A really nice way to finish any outfit be it a long, multicolored dress or jeans and t-shirt. 


From sustainable Veja sneakers to the real iconic version of Adida’s Stan Smiths, sneaker trends are emerging more than ever, and undoubtedly, everyone needs a nice pair of new sneakers every season. My all-time favorite sneakers are white ones, as I think they pop up really nice to an outfit. Here are my top picks:

Colored sandals

A nice color pop is a cool way to give that extra something to your outfit. When I create a capsule wardrobe, I always have in mind to keep it entirely in neutral colors, so the pieces can fit perfectly with each other in as many combinations as possible. Hence, a piece with an extra color seems to me like the perfect addition.

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Bags

Beige pouch-clutch

After Bottega Veneta’s oversized clutch was spotted everywhere last summer, the trend is here to stay with clutch bags in different shapes and forms. For a capsule wardrobe, opt for a bag that is imitating the clutch look and can be worn in more than one ways, like one with a removable strap.

Micro bag

A go-to purse that can go with almost every outfit is a little black bag. Just like the little black dress, it’s an all-time classic and a must-have for all wardrobes. You can opt for a brown-ish one instead, if your summer 2020 capsule wardrobe consists mainly of earth tones. A pastel color would be great too, it depends on what you already have in your wardrobe. A monogram purse like a Louis Vuitton would also work great with any outfit as it’s considered as a neutral color.

Day shoulder bag

Contrary to previous seasons, bigger bags did not only do a major comeback, but they are here in different shapes and sizes, with soft, pillow-like volumes and new hobo styles.

Do you already own any of these items? What are your thoughts on having a capsule wardrobe?



  1. Beccalina
    27/05/2020 / 00:02

    Hello Stella,
    I Love your Look and your way to dress. The items of your capsule wardrobe are perfectly I think. Your Style is an Inspiration to me.
    Thank you <3

    • Stella Asteria
      27/05/2020 / 09:14

      Thank you so much Beccalina, it means a lot to me <3 Have a great day!

    • Stella Asteria
      01/06/2020 / 08:02

      Hehe me too!

  2. Jo
    31/05/2020 / 11:44

    I love the cream baloon sleeve maxi dress, Stella. it`s soo you.
    Also, I see news from PFW that floaty short smock dresses with
    puff sleeves are back. I did not know they had ever gone away.
    Your 2020 Capsule wardrobe is lovely. Well done!

    • Stella Asteria
      01/06/2020 / 08:01

      So glad you like my capsule wardrobe Jojo! I love this dress too 🙂 Happy Monday and June xoxo

  3. 01/06/2020 / 14:13

    Such a great idea !
    And it can saves so much time in the morning when we don’t know what to wear.
    I love your picks.
    I really need a light colored suit. I love 2 pieces as it’s always so much fun to mix match with other items.

    • Stella Asteria
      01/06/2020 / 18:26

      Can’t agree more with you Margot, you can come up with so many outfits with a two-piece, even if it’s a bolder color/print!
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! xoxo

  4. 03/06/2020 / 22:20

    Great post!
    I’m looking for a good bermuda!
    stay safe,

    • Stella Asteria
      05/06/2020 / 10:30

      Thanks S 🙂

  5. 04/06/2020 / 12:15

    What a lovely selcetion – great capsule wardrobe picks! 🙂


    Style Appetite

    • Stella Asteria
      05/06/2020 / 10:29

      Glad you like them Tina 🙂

    • Stella Asteria
      08/06/2020 / 08:46

      Me too, my summer wardrobe consists almost only of light coloured suits and white dresses. Thanks for reading Shaira! xoxo

  6. 18/06/2020 / 05:56

    I am in love with all of these pieces; the palazzo-style pant and beautiful nude colour pieces are my favourite. Hope you are doing okay. <3 /Madison

    • Stella Asteria
      23/06/2020 / 17:29

      I am doing great, thank you 🙂 Nude colour pieces are my fav too! x

    • Stella Asteria
      23/06/2020 / 17:26


  7. 20/06/2020 / 08:45

    Superb Blog I found it really amazing.

    • Stella Asteria
      23/06/2020 / 17:26

      Thank you

    • Stella Asteria
      23/06/2020 / 17:27

      So glad you found it! 🙂

    • Stella Asteria
      23/06/2020 / 17:26

      Haha true, so glad you liked it 🙂 Have a great day too!

    • Stella Asteria
      08/07/2020 / 09:31

      Yes, these colors are so pretty for spring/summer 🙂

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