I am so happy to announce you that I am one of the 50 nominees for the Influencer Awards Monaco 2018, among thousands of applicants. I have been nominated in “Fashion” category, along with 49 other talented influencers at the Influencer Awards Monaco, which will take place in 7th October 2018.

Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 IAM - Vote for Stella Asteria - Fashion Influencer for 2018

Thank you so much in advance for taking a minute out of your time to vote for me! It’s thanks to you that I am nominated, so it would mean the world to me if you take your support one step further by voting for me.

All you have to do to VOTE for me for Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 is:

  1. Go on the website: Trustinfluencer
  2. Click on “Influencers” section
  3. Click on “Fashion” category
  4. Register on the website (takes you only 30 seconds!), or sign in with your Facebook account – BETTER USE FACEBOOK because there are some glitches with their website
  5. Check your email to get a confirmation link, and click on it
  6. Go back to the website and sign in
  7. Scroll down until you see my picture in category Fashion
  8. Click on my picture to VOTE
  9. Optional step: You can vote for me once per day, every day if you want to! Sharing is caring so feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook! 🙂

Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 IAM - Vote for Stella Asteria - Fashion Influencer for 2018

Thank you once again for voting for me and for your support. None of this would have happened without you! I love you so much!



Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 IAM - Vote for Stella Asteria - Fashion Influencer for 2018



  1. Sofia Paraskeuopoulou
    09/08/2018 / 13:52

    Good luck with all my heart!!!

    • Stella Asteria
      09/08/2018 / 14:00

      Thank you so much Sofia, means a lot to me! xoxo

    • Stella Asteria
      09/08/2018 / 18:45

      Thank you so much Yvonne, you’re a sweetheart! <3

    • Stella Asteria
      12/08/2018 / 22:37

      Thanks so much Lovely, I appreciate it! xoxo

  2. 12/08/2018 / 15:24

    Fingers and toes crossed! Good luck!!
    xo Leros | AboutEos

    • Stella Asteria
      12/08/2018 / 22:37

      Thank you so much Leros! 🙂

  3. 13/08/2018 / 04:26

    Ah, huge congrats, my friend! I’ve just voted for you! I wish you the best of luck and hope you win, it’ll be well deserved. Sending much love and hugs your way!



    • Stella Asteria
      13/08/2018 / 11:26

      Thank you so much my darling Jalisa, it means so much to me! Have a great week love! xoxo

    • Stella Asteria
      13/08/2018 / 11:26

      Thanks so much Radi! xoxo

  4. Susanne - Bag at you
    13/08/2018 / 12:02

    Wow Stella! Congrats!! That is amazing!! I’m sure you will win! You look also very pretty in the pictures!! Always loving your style!! Big Xx Susanne –

    • Stella Asteria
      13/08/2018 / 17:57

      Thank you so much Susanne! You are so sweet! I hope you are enjoying your maternity leave to the fullest! So excited for you hon! Sending love your way!! xoxo

    • Stella Asteria
      13/08/2018 / 17:56

      Thanks so much Jessica! xo

  5. 17/08/2018 / 20:26

    Oh wow Stella, congrats ! and well deserved nomination.

    • Stella Asteria
      17/08/2018 / 22:47

      Thank you Lorena! xo

  6. 17/08/2018 / 23:45

    Congrats on the nomination! I tried voting, but I couldn’t get past the registration for some reason. I hope you win.

    xx Yasmin

    • Stella Asteria
      18/08/2018 / 17:44

      Unfortunately their website has a lot of glitches but thank you anyway Yasmin! Really means a lot! <3 kisses!

  7. Carmen
    18/08/2018 / 09:41

    Oh sweetieee I am so so happy for you – you HAVE to win! Unfortunately, I was to late to vote but I wish you the best of luck! You’ll rock this <3
    xx, Carmen –

    • Stella Asteria
      18/08/2018 / 18:19

      Thank you from my heart Carmen! You are the sweetest! Hugs xoxo

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