Chanel Bag & Converse All Stars

Chanel bag and Converse All Star

I always like mixing up different styles in one look, like I did here with my Chanel bag & Converse All Star sneakers. By adding specific accessories to an outfit, you can transform, update, dress down or set apart your look instantly! Take for example Chanel bags. They are among the most desired bags worldwide as they can style up literally any outfit! When I am in doubt for which bag to carry, my Chanel boy bag is my go-to.

The Converse All Star sneakers, also known as the Chuck Taylor All Stars, can tone down the flare of a formal look and spice it up. In 2017 the Converse All Star will turn 100 years old and they still seem to complement every personal style, from punk to prep.

As most of you know, you rarely see me with a total black (or almost total black) look, as I feel it doesn’t suit me much. But I could not resist on this outfit and mix of Chanel Bag and Converse All Star, which I think it worked pretty well for me. The contrast of accessories and textures makes it far more interesting than a simple all black outfit, don’t you think?

Ultimately, the trick to achieving unique looks with a Chanel bag and Converse All Star sneakers is to be confident in yourself. These accessories are both iconic because of their versatility, so don’t be afraid to explore the vast outfit possibilities. Explore your wardrobe and find out what works for you and how you can enhance the individuality of your style. πŸ™‚

Would you wear something like this? How do you add contrast to your winter outfits?


I was wearing:

Fur coat (similar here and in faux fur here)

H&M sweater

Diesel jeans

Converse All Star sneakers

Chanel bag

Ray Ban sunglasses

Photos by: Anestis Iliadis

Stella Asteria - Chanel bag and Converse All Star

Chanel bag and Converse All Star

Chanel bag and Converse All Star outfit

Stella Asteria - Chanel bag and Converse All Star

Stella Asteria Chanel bag and Converse All Star

Chanel bag and Converse All Star

Chanel bag and Converse All Star


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  1. 26/12/2016 / 18:09

    I like you coat so much my beauty! I’m actually searching for something like that! i found greats one on romwe in case you wanna take a look πŸ˜‰

    Big hug from Switzerland !

    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:39

      Thank you my sweet Daniela! Actually I am not a fan of them at all. I had a quick collab with them when I was blogging in Polyvore, and experienced first hand why they have so many bad reviews from customers. Thanks for reading and sending you hugs! xoxo

    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:36

      Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:36

      Thanks Taylor, glad you like it! xo

  2. 27/12/2016 / 02:36

    Loving the high-low look here. I love outfits that mix things up & your look is great!


    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:36

      Thank you Shannon! x

  3. 27/12/2016 / 11:55

    My dear Stella,
    a lot of black Outfits are jut borring but this one of yours is very interesting… Why? Because the material mix and also the style mix. It’s like to put many different black pieces into the shaker and to get the best combination. No, it is not so easy how should looks like, it’s because of your great feeling by choosing of the right clothes. Have a good day my friend!

    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:35

      So glad you like it darling! Thank you and have a great day as well! <3

  4. 27/12/2016 / 14:45

    Mixing up styles in this outfit worked beautifully in this post Stella! I would have never thought to wear such a classy bag with Converse sneakers but then that’s why you are one of the greatest inspiration at the moment. I’m still trying to pull the all white outfit:P Will let you know how I do:)


    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:30

      Aw thank you so much my dear Tatjana, this is the best compliment, especially coming from one of my favourite bloggers! πŸ˜€ I bet you would look divine in all white and I can’t wait to see you wearing one!! Have a great rest of the week babe! xo

  5. 27/12/2016 / 21:01

    You pulled this off quite well Stella – and I think you looked fab in all black.
    Love the idea of wearing total opposite brands with each other.

    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:29

      Thank you Lorena, I am glad you like it!

  6. 28/12/2016 / 08:44

    I hope you had a great holiday weekend Stella! I love the mix of textures here and you look fantastic in all black. I think Chanel and Converse make for a chic and unexpected combo!
    I hope you’re having a great week so far πŸ™‚

    xo, Jackie

    • Stella Asteria
      28/12/2016 / 12:28

      I am so glad you like it! I had a greta time during Christmas,s thanks so much for asking! πŸ™‚ What about you? xo

    • Stella Asteria
      10/01/2017 / 18:19

      So glad you like it hun! xo

    • Stella Asteria
      10/01/2017 / 18:19

      Thank you Margot, glad you like it! πŸ™‚

  7. 06/01/2017 / 10:10

    You look so good Stella. I love your bag. I always have trouble selecting a Chanel. There are so many good options and I don’t know which to commit to. I love the casual and effortless touch of the Converse sneakers. They are so classic! The fur coat is stunning. I have a few and am looking for a new one to add to the closet that is big enough to wear more layers underneath for when I travel somewhere cold. πŸ™‚

    Just stunning babe. I hope you have a lovely day.


    • Stella Asteria
      10/01/2017 / 18:19

      I know right? It is so hard to choose one! I want a pink one right now so badly! πŸ˜€ This coat is super warm, I also wore it in Vienna so it is tested haha! Hope you find the one you are looking for! I was searching for this specific style and cut for many years now, until my sweet mother-in-law gifted it to me! <3 Hope you are having a great week and thank you for your lovely comments! xoxo

  8. 06/01/2017 / 22:15

    Love mix with Chanel and Converse !!!
    I’d like a fur coat like yours. He seems to keep warm.

    • Stella Asteria
      10/01/2017 / 18:17

      Thanks so much hon, I am really glad you like it! It is really warm (tested in Vienna also), and yesterday I was so delighted to receive a similar beige one as a present! <3

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